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Light DJ for Hue & LIFX

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Ready to light up your night? Light DJ - the world’s #1 light show app - is here to take your party to the next level. Connects to Philips Hue, LIFX, and Nanoleaf Aurora to interact with your lights in tons of different ways. Use the app as a personal music visualizer, or program the app to create your own customized light shows.

*** THIS IS THE FREE VERSION WITH IN-APP PURCHASES. To get the whole package with all future updates, search for LIGHT DJ PRO in the App Store! ***

MUSIC VISUALIZER: Create the ultimate music listening experience. The app listens to your music and changes the effects based on the mood of the song. Lights get active during intense parts of a song and flowy with softer melodies and magically change colors at just the right moment, or customize your own. (Best with 4 or more lights.)

STROBE MAKER: Strobe your lights with different types of effects with the Matrix Strobe Maker. Interact with your lights using multitouch and 3D Touch technology included on iPhone 6s and newer.

BEAT-SYNCED EFFECTS: Use the SceneMaker Effects controller to program your lights with up to 23 different effects that can be customized with your favorite colors. Just turn on your lights and let the SceneMaker run all night long.

EFFECT MAKER: Create your own looping special effects with our powerful Effects Maker. Pre-program your bulbs to make light shows that fit your play environment. (Hue & LIFX only)

SHARE EFFECTS & SHEETS: Share your custom-made effects and effect sheets with your friends using AirDrop.

IPAD VERSION: The iPad app offers a DJ Controller-inspired design for ultimate live-performance lighting control. Configurable sheets allow you to setup your effects and colors in advance, and the push-button interface lets making rapid changes easy. The iPad version is the preferred platform for home DJs around the world.

AUTOMATIC BEAT DETECTION: Sync effects to your music using your iPhone or iPad’s built-in microphone.

TEMPO CONTROLS: Control the speed of your lights with precision using manual tempo controls. Easily go double-time or half-time at the press of a button.

LIGHT GROUPS & ORDERING: Your lights, your way. Include only the lights you want to use. Assign your lights an order to create lighting effects that rivals custom-built installations.

ABLETON LINK & MIDI SUPPORT: Seamlessly sync tempo with other apps & devices using Ableton Link or MIDI Clock Sync. Control effects by sending Program Change codes over MIDI.

Dont wait any longer, download Light DJ and get blown away at what your lights can do!

--- Light DJ vs Light DJ Pro ---
Want to stay up-to-date with the newest Light DJ controllers? Light DJ Pro is the fully-unlocked app, for both iPhone and iPad. Pay once and get everything. Light DJ Pro also includes all future controllers and updates. To try the app for free, download “Light DJ” from the App Store. You can upgrade at any time with In-App Purchases.

--- Light DJ vs Light DJ Studio ---
Light DJ is a real-time, DJ controller-like experience that works with or without audio. If youre looking to make light shows *recordings* check out Light DJ Studio in the App Store. Its my brand new app that lets you play and record light shows to your favorite tracks. Works with your own music library or 30+ million Apple Music tracks.

Visit for support or check out video previews at

This app requires hardware from one of these vendors:
-Philips Hue:
-Nanoleaf (Aurora only):


Hi, Im Kevin, the creator of Light DJ. I want to make sure that everyone gets a great light show, so if youre having issues getting the app to connect, or have any suggestions, shoot me an email at Im dedicated to making a quality app so you can show off your new lights!